IDS – The reason I’ve cut sugar out of my life Posted by: Tristan on 24/04/2017

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Our last blog on the International Dental Show (IDS) heralded Brian and Tristan’s impending trip to the exhibition in Germany last March. Due to the interest we had in this event we decided to do a follow-up blog showing our view of what goes on inside the world’s largest dental device exhibition.

The exhibition was a rare opportunity to see so many dental companies in one place. Although the place itself (Köln Messe) was enormous with number of halls and miles of stands, meant one needed a breather after a few hours of walking up and down the exhibition floor.

This event was possibly the biggest event we have ever attended. The IDS exceeded our expectations and truly lived up to its slogan – ‘More Exhibitors, More space, More Diversity!’ Along with the plentiful exhibitors and droves of enthusiastic international trade visitors, Brian and Tristan made their way inside the venue around 9.30am (most exhibitors went inside a little earlier to set up). 

The exhibition covered all dental devices including titanium implants, drill tips and specialist milling machines. We were particularly interested in meeting companies with handheld and desktop scanning devices with ergonomic and aesthetic elements. Be thankful that we have excluded the photos from this booth of the implant procedure being carried out. Needless to say, Brian and Tristan will not be having sugar with their coffee in future…

It was clear that companies had been investing heavily in the development of their own 3D intraoral scanners and cameras. There were a wide variety of companies exhibiting these scanners with many sharing a very similar architecture and bulk. 3DISC stood out as a company with a more unique curvaceous design. It was also interesting to see how each company handled their hygiene procedure. Some much more effectively better than others…

Whilst animations were still being used on big screens, with all the distractions of a very busy show, virtual reality was being used as a means of demonstrating products in a more immersive and focused way.

An interesting mascot for this company’s stand…

Hats off to IDS 2017! This event was a great success and the turnout was incredible. We met up with some very interesting people and visited as many stands as we could in the 2 days we were there. As the event came to an end, it was time to call it a day and head back to Edinburgh. i4 will definitely be back for the next IDS!


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