Steven Brown

Mechanical Design Engineer

Steven brings with him highly valuable experience to i4 as a Mechanical Design Engineer. He has worked in the mechanical design engineering of injection moulded products for over 5 years. In that time, he has worked for reputable multinational tier 1 suppliers in the automotive industry.

What is your approach to design?

I like to brainstorm a variety of solutions then weigh up the best options based on cost, simplicity, performance and reliability to meet the customer’s needs.

What are your three favourite designed products?

1) Tesla’s Model S not only achieves excellent performance, range, and mileage cost saving, they show electric cars can look good.

2) Heated front windscreen - solves the problem of scraping the window when it’s cold outside.

3) Tommy Tippee - a perfect prep machine because it makes a bottle of baby milk in only a minute!

What interests you?

Tinkering with electronics whether it be building or upgrading components in a PC or creating new ideas with an Arduino.

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