Oliver Peppe

Project Manager

Oliver is one of our project managers, responsible for delivering projects to the customers’ requirements, on time and within budget. He is skilled in multi-disciplinary systems engineering, and enjoys project managing complex R&D projects.

Oliver is a specialist in electronics and electrical design, and has experience with developing equipment for harsh environments.

What is your approach to design?
I ensure that I understand the application – what’s required, why and how it will be used. I think it’s important to understand the existing technology too. I make an effort to understand what’s new in what I’m trying to design, and the risks involved, focusing on the riskiest most novel areas first, and simplifying them. I also believe that good communication is vital.

What are your three favourite designed items and why?
The Electrolux induction hob – its clever technology combined with well-designed controls, and easy to clean.
The humble screw. Every project (professional and DIY) I’ve ever done must have used them!
The Roll-top dry bag – makes keeping things dry in a boat/kayak easy.

What interests you?
Being out and about in wild places
Polar exploration and history

What piece of equipment could you not live without?
My Swiss army penknife!

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