Lisa Woo

Product Designer

Lisa’s excellent product research skills are fundamental to the team at i4 and an essential part of our process. Her role covers a wide range of the design process from initial research and ideas generation to product development and manufacturing. Having studied a creative and technical course at university, her experience assured us that she would understand how a company of creative designers and engineers work together. 

What is your approach to design?
Have an understanding of the design brief is key to any start of a project. I usually like to start with a mind-map noting and doodling down all things related to the task – this is where I also start to generate early ideas where they can be quite open in design.

What are your three favourite designed products?
Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair 1958 – iconic chair. Simple yet fun, and modern for its time. It is also quite organic with the curvature around the design.
Chopsticks – basic and multifunctional. Great tool for eating and cooking with.
Verner Panton Pendant Globe Light 1960s – design is reminiscent of a space odyssey theme which reflects the popular fascination people had during that time. The design is simple but mysterious at the same time. As well as a light feature the design is very sculptural.

What interests you?
Baking and cooking – and eating the results.
Photography – anything interesting my eyes sees.
Art (painting and sculpture) – gallery visits. I like to be crafty and make my own cards, and I like to do a bit of drawing as well.

What product could you not live without?
My camera – I like to capture moments so there is a lasting memory. One can be very creative with the composition of their pictures – to convey a message or a sense of feeling.


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