Bjorn Hulman

Product Designer

Bjorn doesn’t consider himself an expert – because the word suggests ‘someone that always knows exactly what to do.’ However, he knows his way around a PC, a pencil, and can mock up a physical model when necessary which seems to be most days!

What is your approach to design?
Look at the ideas and unravel it - define and refine the thinking. Each project is different.

What are your 3 favourite designed items and why?
The Diatom chair by Ross Lovegrove - Ross uses a cost-saving manufacturing process developed for the automotive industry to create an iconic object.
Sony Q10/Q100 camera. They’ve decided to do away with the LCD screen, and instead make use of the large, high-res screen you already carry in your pocket. Makes perfect sense.
The Fish Hook of Pohe Bridge in Whangarei, New Zealand by Knight Architects. Cultural motifs merged with engineering of a rolling bascule bridge create an elegant solution.

What interests you?
I did a lot of renovation projects with my father, and I like giving spaces new life.
I’m a fair weather cyclist - I cover a few miles on my bike.

What product could you not live without?
My phone and isn’t an iPhone! It gets me where I need to be and is always there for a photo. It keeps me in touch with people, has all my favourite music on it.

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