Andrew Chalmers

Project Manager

Andrew has over 34 years’ experience as an Industrial Designer and this shows in the quality and dedication he gives to his work. After achieving his BSc in Industrial Design (Technology) at Napier University, Andrew progressed from Junior Designer to becoming a Director and shareholder within a highly regarded Scottish multi-disciplinary design consultancy. He joined i4 in 2012. In addition to his accomplished design skills he also brings project management and business development experience. He loves to organise!

Andrew also has the enviable role of being i4’s Quality Manager!

What is your approach to design?
I strive to balance the requirements of the client against the constraints of budget and manufacture, whilst viewing the brief from the perspective of the end user.

What are your three favourite designed products?
Voyager 1: Launched in ’77 when I started my Industrial Design education and the furthest (so far) man-made object from Earth.
The mini bulldog clip. Simple but so perfectly formed. I have used and re-used these for years.
Scarpa boots. Rugged, lightweight and waterproof (one of these does not apply to me) – my current pair have hopefully got a few more Munros left in them

What interests you?
Learning something new every day.

What product could you not live without?
Having started my professional life without computers and mobile phones I know that life will not end without them, but my current smart phone allows me to organise the things that do matter.

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